Adoption Agreement

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Sex_________ Color__________ AKC Litter#______________   

On this date_________the dog described above has been sold to:





For the sum of $________. Payment in full.

The seller guarantees that this puppy is registered with the AKC on
limited registration and provided the official AKC registration
document. The above purchaser has been provided with a vaccine
and worming record and feeding and care instructions. The dog is
guaranteed for 24 hours against contractible diseases and is "as is"
on all other conditions and illnesses. The seller guarantees dog
replacement only, no cash refund. The buyer has read and
understands this agreement.


Dog Replacement Guarantee for Hip Dysplasia

1.    Purchaser must prove that the dog with Hip Dysplasia is              
       the dog identified with the above AKC litter # and must               
       bring the dog and AKC document to the breeder.

2.    Purchaser must verify with X-rays from a licensed                        
       Veterinarian and is responsible for any and all costs                     
       including transportation.

3.    Breeder reserves the right to choose a licensed                            
       Veterinarian and have the dog x-rayed at the cost of the             

4.    This guarantee applies only to dogs under one year old               
       and is null and void if the dog is used for breeding                       
       before the year expires.

5.    The above identified dog must be neutered/spayed if                  
       proven to have Hip Dysplasia and verification is to be                   
       provided to the breeder by a licensed Veterinarian within            
       30 days of the positive diagnosis. The responsibility of all            
       costs to be that of the purchaser.

6.    If the above described dog is positively diagnosed with               
       genetic Hip Dysplasia and all  terms and conditions of                   
       this agreement are met, the breeder will replace the dog              
       with another puppy immediately or as soon as one                      
       becomes available within the same written guarantee.

                              ~NO CASH REFUNDS~