It's Bentley's faithful servant Janet Golden. I wanted to share with you the public link to Bentley's
album on Facebook ( since I update it more regularly than the
Google album. He is such a great boy & you will probably be able to tell from the pic's VERY loved :)

I continue to be constantly amazed at his natural tendencies for the right manners in each situation,
he is great with kids & we don't have any he is ever around regularly. Not to mention the CONSTANT
compliments we get on what a beautiful and LARGE dog he is (about 95 lbs at only 17 months old
now)..I always say thank you & be sure to tell them where he came from :)
The Spinharney's and BLAZE
The Klingenberg's & Russ
The Paxton's and Piper
Hi Althea,
It was really wonderful to meet you and your husband. We loved your home up top that amazing

I can't tell you how much we love this little puppy. He is really mellow and smart. I don't want to jinx
anything but he has the potty training stuff down...provided we go out every 1-2 hours and after nap
time. He knows where to take care of business. It was about 100 degrees during the day here since
we've been home. I'm sure this little puppy was thinking where have they taken me!

He sat on Alexa's lap on the way home and was just fine. We bought him a crate for night time. I'm
not a real fan of crates but figured it was a good way for everyone to get some sleep. He goes in a
night with little problems and sleeps almost until 5:00. I give this process about another week
because now I have him cuddle with me in bed before I put him in the crate. He knows me already
because he curls his little head into my neck and snores. I can't say no to that. We have had friends
and family come to visit and they all say what a mellow little guy he is. He plays, runs around the yard
and comes in a flops down for a nap. Life is good!

Now-back to the car ride home. It was long and we had lots of time to talk. We decided that Pablo
was a better name than Henry. My husband is from Mexico City. He really wanted a Latin sounding
name so we landed on Pablo. I have to say I think Pablo likes his name. He responds to it and comes
running to it. Maybe he was always Pablo. He has fit right in and seems to love his house. He is very
funny about the TV. He was fascinated with it when he discovered it and now depending upon what's
on and how loud it is he stops, sits and watches.
Thank you again Althea. Your puppies are really the best. We are really grateful that we have one of
Misty's puppies. I hope your renovations are going according to plan. We renovated a small
bathroom last summer. A 15 day project turned into 4 months...and now that small bathroom
upgrade has turned into a major kitchen remodel. Once you start it's impossible to stop.
Enjoy the summer and we will keep in touch.
Dear Althea,
The car ride home was easy. Drake slept the whole way. Nash too! Yesterday Drake spent all day
exploring the backyard and the house. He's quickly found his favorite spot to nap and chill. The kids
are adoring him and constantly say, "we're so happy to have Drake be our dog:. Last night, he
barked for a whole 20 seconds once we coaxed him into his crate and shut the door for the night. He
slept (without a peep) until 2:00 am, when I scooped him up to go pee outside. He went right back
into his crate (without a peep) and slept until 6:00 am. His crate was clean and dry in the morning.
He's been very successful with potty training and I think he'll have the hang of it before we know it.
He fits right in with our family and we already love him to pieces.
Today we have been working positive associations with the crate and staying "off" the couch. It's
soooooo fun! As I type this email he is napping under my feet and dreaming, feet wiggling and
mouth quivering. I love watching him dream.
He goes to the Vet for his shots on the 5th, (Dr. Harley Boos) and should start puppy school very
soon. Not sure he needs school, might just go for the socialization.
Thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you for your hard work over the past 8 weeks. Thank
you for DRAKE!
The Fitzgerald's (PJ, Jill, Fiona, Nash and Drake)
Hi Althea,
Just thought I'd send some pics of Russ along so you can see how much he's grown. He's still the
sweetest little guy ever, even though he's getting very big! As you can see from the photos, he thinks
he's a lap dog....although he barely fits in my lap these days. (the one of him with me is a few weeks
old...the one in Robby's lap is most recent.) The minute you sit down, he's right there wanting to
cuddle. People remark all the time about how calm   and well behaved he is! We do work with him a
lot, but I think a lot if his demeanor must have come from your good breeding. Teaching him is really
pretty easy. He's halfway through his "junior high" class and is doing really well with all of it. Russ has
totally stopped with the rocks, although recently he's gotten into sticks. He's pretty good with "drop"
and "leave-it" though, so it's all under control.

I went back to work a few weeks ago, so now he goes to a puppies only daycare that is at the place
we go for training. They pick him up mid-morning and drop him off in the afternoon after a few hours
of playing and training. Next month, when he's 6-months old, they'll transition him into one of their
walking groups. The one he will be in goes to Fort Funston, and off-leash dog beach everyday for
two hours. Not a bad life ;-) We usually take him to the beach most weekends as well. He loves
running around in the sand, and he's starting to swim a little as well.

I just can't tell you enough about how much we love this little guy! He's so sweet and fun...I just
couldn't have dreamed of a better pup!

Thanks and take care,